Wanna receive anonymous secret message & opinions from your friends?

We created a secret message link specifically for you, to help you understand your strengths and become a better you with every day.

What if someone has a secret crush on you or thinks that you’re awesome, lazy or whatever else, you’ll find it out on secretmessage.link ???? We’re all good at something, and it’s really important to know and hear from somebody else from time to time.

The feedback you receive is always sincere because it’s anonymous.

When you give feedback to others, keep it honest yet polite. Any person is more likely to pay attention to your message if it’s positive (or constructive, if it’s a criticism). 

Our own golden rule is: 

  1. If it’s too rude to say, it’s no good to write it anonymously. The topic is totally up to you – from gossip, looks, and personality to practices and dreams.
  2. Write honesty & love, and we at secretmessage.link will help you in the best way we can!